Dogs With Allergies.

Dogs With Allergies Can Suffer-We Can Help.

In our current lifestyle it’s very probable that you or your family have owned a pet, or are in close and
regular contact with someone who does.

As we settle down and mature in life it is very probable that many individuals will start families.

As the kids begin to grow the inevitable day will arrive when they ask for a pet and generally the first choice is a dog or to be more accurate a puppy.

The best thing we can do for our dogs is feed them a sensible diet and provide adequate exercise for the associated breed, and of course a generous helping of love and attention (they are our best friends after all).

The dog will very quickly form part of the family and you will become familiar with its mannerisms and habits, you should find it noticeable straight away if changes in its health and general wellbeing begin to manifest.

Therefore it is very important have some knowledge no matter how basic of the breed and possible health issues you may encounter, some of the more common things we could encounter would be dry or flaky skin, severe redness and sores, seasonal moulting, bad breath, habitual chewing at paws and claws and of course the occasional soft or loose stool and vomiting.

All the symptoms mentioned can be associated with various allergies.

If ailments occur, this can be for a number of reasons and it’s always good to remember dogs are susceptible to similar diseases and infections as humans one area that carry’s great similarities are allergies,

Would you be able to spot dogs with allergies ?

Dogs with allergies can suffer great discomfort if the allergy is not diagnosed and treated in a timely manner.

Many dogs with allergies can have symptoms that present themselves in different ways from a simple case of minor itching or flaky skin to the more severe dermatitis type symptoms with weeping sores.

Numerous things can trigger an allergic reaction in our dogs as mentioned earlier this can be the same as human allergies, IE. Pollen, Food, House Mites, and even General Household Dust.

It’s been suggested in numerous studies allergies can occur or the effects can be more serious if the immune system is in poor condition or the animal is run down, as with ourselves a good health orientated and of course balanced diet can go a long way to keeping us healthy and fit.

It is the intentions of dogs with allergies to provide dog owner’s good researched and reliable information on various topics related to allergies including causes, cures and various preventative measures we can take to ensure our pets live a long and happy life.

Always remember dogs with allergies are unhappy dogs lets take steps to change that.

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