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Allergy Treatments for Dogs.

If your dog has taken a recent down turn in health, which has been attributed to an allergic reaction, depending on the symptoms and of course the exact allergy this will have a direct bearing on the proposed action in respect of treatment options. Some allergies are very straight forward to treat; removing the offending […]


Symptoms Of Dog Allergies.

If you own a pet and in particular a dog would you be able to tell if the dog suffered from allergies? A dog can be prone to allergies just like we are and can suffer from the same causes IE pollen, bacterial, contact even fleas or mites. There are several symptoms we can look […]


Common Dog Allergies.

It has long been suggested that a “dog is man’s best friend “if you are a dog owner you will be very aware at how compassionate and affectionate they can become and can very much be part of any family. Therefore a certain amount of responsibility falls to us in respect of the dogs care […]