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Dry Dog Food.

As you likely already know, commercially prepared dry dog food is not the best nutritional solution for your dog. Commercial dry dog food contains many ingredients that most people cannot identify or even pronounce. In addition to that, when you examine the list of ingredients, you will probably notice that one of the first or […]


Dog Eye Infection.

Identifying and treating a dog eye infection can be critical in ensuring that your dog’s eyes remain healthy for years to come. There are many different types of dog eye infection and they can be caused by a variety of occurrences.  Often what happens is that a foreign object can become lodged in your dog’s […]


Inhalant Allergy.

An inhalant allergy in your dog, also known as atopy is an allergy to something that your dog inhales.  Dogs can be affected by some of the same allergens as humans, including pollen (grass, trees, weeds), molds, mildew or dust mites. When a dog has an inhalant allergy, he may react by becoming severely itchy.  […]


Food Allergy.

A food allergy can cause a lot of symptoms that can be mistaken for other health problems, including a rash, itchiness, lesions, dermatitis, bald patches, mange, hair loss and red, oozing sores. While all of these symptoms can be very alarming to a dog owner, the dog in the meantime, is dealing with a great […]


Common Allergy Treatments for Dogs.

If your dog has taken a recent down turn in health, which has been attributed to an allergic reaction, depending on the symptoms and of course the exact allergy this will have a direct bearing on the proposed action in respect of treatment options. Some allergies are very straight forward to treat; removing the offending […]