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Dog Yeast Infection.

Many dogs have common skin diseases, but the most prevalent of those diseases are yeast infections. The major cause of the dog yeast infection is a microorganism that is found naturally in the stomach and intestines of both humans and dogs.  This yeast is not harmful and in fact, aids with digestion and the processing […]


Gluten Allergy Symptoms.

You or someone you know may have an intolerance to gluten. Like you, your dog can also have the same intolerance. It does not matter if your dog has been fed the same food for as long as you can remember, he may still develop an allergy and the resulting intolerance over time. Some of […]


Dog Anal Gland.

One particular area that is often ignored by dog owners is the dog anal gland. Often, secretions and materials can build up around the dog anal gland which can cause infection or an abscess which can result in a great deal of irritation and pain for your dog. If you notice that your dog is […]


Ear Mites In Dogs.

Ear mites in dogs can be contagious between animals – your dog may pass them to your cat and vice versa, or a mother may pass them to her pups. The common species of ear mites in dogs is Otodectes cynotis; however, all types of mites are treated in the same way. If you notice […]


Benefits Of Dog Grooming at Home.

Any dog that has long hair needs to have it groomed every now and then or even more often depending on the breed. It is a huge and time consuming chore that needs to be done if you have a long haired dog. Many people that have these dogs with long hair take their pet […]


Bad Breath Remedies.

There really is nothing worse than having a dog with super bad breath sitting and breathing near you. Although it is normal for your dog to have “doggie breath”, this does not mean that the breath should be abnormally smelly or disgusting. If your dog has a breath odor problem, you may try some of […]