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Facebook Fan Page.

Hi, This is just a short note to advise all visitors to we have recently created a Facebook Fan Page, this we hope will become a popular venue to discuss issues we have with our pets where knowledge can be shared with the ultimate goal of providing the best quality of life for our […]


Fish Oil For Dogs.

Ensuring that your dog gets proper nutrition along with essential fatty acids is very important to keep your dog healthy. Fish oil for dogs can be a really good supplement to keep them in optimum health, and to prevent such diseases as arthritis and kidney disease. If you feed your dog food that you purchase […]


Dog Ear Wax.

Dog ear wax is necessary for many reasons, including acting as a shock absorber for the inner layers of the dog’s ear drum, which are very delicate, cutting down on the amount of microorganisms that live within the ear and keeping the ear clean. Just as with your own ears, there is a certain amount […]