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The ideal weight for your dog: For a happy and long life.

Man’s best friend, the cutest, the sweetest and the most understanding of all pets, dogs! Today, almost every American has a graded canine at his home at the least. We all love our dogs, but how many of us actually know as to how we should be judging the health of our pups? Just a […]


Processed pet foods: The real truth behind the labels.

The pet food that promises your pet a luxurious coat and a good health may be telling lies. They endorse that the fats, grains and meats used in these are of the best quality and that whole grains, quality fats, lamb, beef and chicken, which constitute these food items are taken from hygienic sources. However, […]


Common Canine Diet Destruction.

Like people, dogs have immune systems which are reactive to different substances. A lot of veterinarians and scientists believe in genetics and the theory that dogs are simply allergic to what their genes dictate.  However, there has been a growing amount of allergy prevalence in dogs – as if an epidemic. With dogs’ growing allergy […]


A Kind Act: The Advantages of Adopting and Insuring a Dog.

If you have recently decided to take on the responsibility of owning a dog, there are many points to consider from pet insurance to adjustments you may need to make to your home; however the first decision to make is exactly where to find the right dog for your family. Before you begin scouring the […]