Best Herbs For Dogs With Allergies.

If you have not previously considered the best herbs for dogs with allergies then you may be interested in knowing more about this topic.

In particular the various benefits that come with supplementing your dog with natural products.

That is not to say that you are going to start bombarding your dog with various types of herbs, but there are certain and some would say the best herbs for dogs with allergies that can be very effective in relieving symptoms of many types of problems including those problematic seasonal allergies.

Many of the best herbs for dogs with allergies that you would use have almost unbelievable and beneficial qualities because they are primarily natural antioxidants and can eradicate harmful cells; some studies have shown a reduction in serious ailments such as cancer cells.

In fact, grape seed oil is said to do just that.

In addition, grape seed oil contains flavanoids which not only support the immune system, but also can help to reduce inflammation, which is a leading cause of pain in joints and tissue.

Aloe vera is one of the most useful and best herbs for dogs with allergies.

It has excellent anti inflammatory properties and is also extremely soothing on the skin.  You do not even need to purchase this; you can take a leaf or two from your house plant, split them and crush the contents, spreading it on your dog’s skin to relieve itching or irritation.

Goldenseal is another herb which has anti inflammatory properties.  It is often used on open sores or wounds including eye infections in dogs.

Yellow Dock is yet another herb that improves the function of the liver and improves the ability of the bowels to eliminate waste.

If your dog has a flea allergy, one of the most beneficial and best herbs for dogs with allergies is garlic.

Fresh garlic is not recommended, because garlic and onions have been known to be toxic to dogs; however, sprinkling garlic powder into your dog’s meals can keep those fleas at bay.  Garlic is known to boost the immune system and it also has antibacterial properties.

Dogs that scratch because they have allergies can benefit from topical treatments that are made up from herbal ingredients.  Some of the best treatments include those that contain rose bark, calendula, lavender, peppermint and or chamomile.

Although many of these herbal products can provide relief, it is only going to be for a short time, because you are only treating the symptoms and not the problems.  The best course of action is to pinpoint what the specific allergy is.

Once you have determined what your dog is reacting to, you can either reduce your dog’s exposure to it, or eliminate it, if possible.

A dog that is free of allergy symptoms is a happier pet.  You will probably be feeling a lot better yourself, knowing that your dog is not being driven crazy with an insatiable itch or rash.

Allergies can be treated quickly and the best course of treatment is a natural solution where possible and of course include some of the best herbs for dogs with allergies.

Drugs, steroids, and chemicals can be so harmful and have harsh long lasting effects on your dog’s health.

Spend some time and research more into the best herbs for dogs with allergies you will be surprised at what you find and how simple some of the remedies are.



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5 Responses to “Best Herbs For Dogs With Allergies.”

  1. Sara says:

    My little dog has some kind of allergy that I can not pin point at all, he scratches all the time and sometimes until he bleeds. I have looked him over really good and there is nothing on his skin so I do not know what is causing it. I thought maybe it was hot spots, do you know how I should treat those? Will aloe work on that issues as well?

  2. Franchesca says:

    Most dog owners like to think of themselves as totally kind because they give their pet lots of care and love. But I think most pet owners are a bit selfish, at least those that prefer to spend the minimum amount of money on the cheapest packaged pet food. If you tell a pet owner they should spend a bit more on healthier organic pet food, they will justify not doing so because of their budget or some other excuse.

  3. Shari says:

    I would have never thought that dog allergies was a common problem had I not seen my friend’s two dogs pick up a minor skin fungus. This became obvious when both of the pups developed some spots on their skin. It is difficult to figure out the cause of the skin fungus. They may have picked it up by licking the puddles of water around the vegetation or through packaged dog food. Herbs seem to be a good start toward curing them of their allergies.

  4. dog snuggie says:

    Thanks for the good read mate!

  5. Luann Platten says:

    Funny, I’m actually following much of these tips already. I’m about 3 months now and I am doing everything to be as green as possible for my baby. I’m even still exercises to keep as strong as I can until I can’t do it anymore.

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