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What Food Is Toxic To Dogs.

I was asked a question recently being, what food is toxic to dogs ? And to be fair i wasn’t one hundred percent certain, i have a good knowledge regards dog foods and allergies but i really wasn’t sure the difference between what food is toxic to dogs and an allergy reaction. So began to […]


Sarcoptic Mange.

Sarcoptic mange is actually a skin disorder attributable to the Sarcoptes scabie mite. It’s very infectious and propagates swiftly in dogs and cats the sarcoptic scabie mite or sarcoptic mange will manifest its self in many hosts including humans but dogs are the preferred option. The parasitic mite exhibits many different behaviors for individual hosts. […]


Natural Remedies For Dogs.

It can become very costly to take your dog to the vet for every issue that arises, and many people are very interested in natural remedies for dogs. Of course, if your dog has a serious health issue, you should take him to the vet, but most of the time, there are problems that you […]


Benefits Of Dog Grooming at Home.

Any dog that has long hair needs to have it groomed every now and then or even more often depending on the breed. It is a huge and time consuming chore that needs to be done if you have a long haired dog. Many people that have these dogs with long hair take their pet […]