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Help For Dogs With Allergies Symptoms.

Is there help for dogs with allergies symptoms? Yes, there are always things that can be done to reduce the occurrence of these bother some symptoms in your dog. First off, if you notice your dog is scratching often, shaking his head or tossing his head, and licking and or chewing his paws, then he […]


Hot Spots On Dogs.

What are hot spots on dogs? They are wounds on areas of your dog’s skin that are red, raised and oozing. You may not notice them for a few days, or you may notice them right away and wonder where they came from. They can appear very quickly and may be a reaction to something, […]


Dog Skin Irritation.

There are many different causes of dog skin irritation, and pinpointing the exact cause is the best way to deal with it.  It is very uncomfortable for your dog to live with a skin irritation, and so the sooner you can find a solution to this discomfort by pinpointing the cause. Investigating the cause of […]


Symptoms Of Dog Allergies.

If you own a pet and in particular a dog would you be able to tell if the dog suffered from allergies? A dog can be prone to allergies just like we are and can suffer from the same causes IE pollen, bacterial, contact even fleas or mites. There are several symptoms we can look […]