Flea Allergy.

One of the most common allergies that dogs can suffer from is flea allergy dermatitis.  It is directly caused by the saliva of the flea when it bites the dog’s skin.  The irritation that develops on the dog’s skin with the repeated flea bites can also lead to secondary infections.

Just because your dog has a flea allergy does not mean that he is infested with fleas.  It only takes the bite of one or two fleas to cause such a dramatic reaction in a dog that has an allergy to fleas.

Taking a close look at your dog’s skin will help you to determine if he has fleas.  Fleas can actually be seen close to the skin and they leave dried blood debris all over the skin which appears as small black specks all over the skin.  If your dog grooms itself excessively, there may not be any evidence of fleas that is visible to the naked eye.

If your dog has a flea allergy, it is important to take preventative measures to prevent the fleas from biting your dog and reinfesting your dog.  There are some very important steps to take to get a handle on this issue and to treat the problem:

  • Use a flea control product to prevent your dog from receiving further flea bites.  This could be a treatment that is applied to the back of the dog’s body (between the shoulder blades) or a powder;
  • If your dog grooms itself often, you may need to use an oral medication to eradicate the possibility of intestinal infection in the form of cestode (cysticercoid);
  • Treat the secondary skin infections that are caused by the dog’s flea allergy;
  • Deal with your dog’s itch whether it is to bathe the dog in a soothing medicated shampoo or to give him an oral medication to provide relief from the itching.

It is equally important to closely examine your dog’s bedding, blankets, throw rugs, pet carriers or any where that your dog rests.  Next, you should thoroughly vacuum all sofas and seat cushions on chairs including the crevices found in the sofas.

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