Dog Ear Infection.

Dealing with a dog ear infection early is one of the most important ways to prevent it from getting out of control.

Dogs are often afflicted with ear infections caused by yeast or bacteria.

Breeds that have long droopy ears require a cleaning regime to prevent infections, but sometimes a dog ear infection can occur even if you clean your dog’s ears regularly.

If you notice that your dog is shaking his head often, pawing at his ears or scratching them often, you should examine the ears more closely to see if there is an infection.

Your dog will react to a dog ear infection by repeating these behaviors because he is trying to get rid of the irritation. Another obvious sign of a dog ear infection is inflammation, redness within the ears, discharge and a stinky odor.

Your vet will examine your dog’s ears with an otoscope. Next, he will take a sample of any material found within your dog’s ear canal and examine it under a microscope.

He will then be able to determine the cause of the infection and the course of treatment.

Your dog will be prescribed with a medication based on the particular infection.

You will need to be vigilant about administering this medication for the full course of the treatment to ensure that it is effective. Hopefully, your dog will allow you to administer the medication into the ear canal.

Ear infections in dogs are very painful and can be a great source of misery for your dog. Identifying and treating the infection as soon as possible are very important and the most effective way to deal with ear infections.

Steps to treating your dog’s ear infection:

  • Lift the ear and dose the medication directly into the ear canal, as per the directions.
  • Place your fingers around the ear holding it over the ear canal and massage the ear between your finger and thumb.
  • Once you have done this, allow your dog to shake his head.
  • Next, clean the ear with a cotton ball, never use “qtips”, they can worsen the infection by pushing debris back into the ear.
  • Repeat this process 2x daily for the amount of time specified on the medication.
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    I remember the days where no dog (from friends, family or neighbours) had ear or skin problems. Those were the days they were fed table scraps and home cooked meals. Could be the commercial food and the general mess humans are making all round is to blame. Think about it.

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    I agree many problems can begin with processed foods.

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