Dog Ear Wax.

Dog ear wax is necessary for many reasons, including acting as a shock absorber for the inner layers of the dog’s ear drum, which are very delicate, cutting down on the amount of microorganisms that live within the ear and keeping the ear clean.

Just as with your own ears, there is a certain amount of wax produced by a dog’s ears and dog ear wax is perfectly normal; however, when you notice changes, which is when you should be concerned.  What kind of changes?

  • The wax is a color other than yellowish or brownish color;
  • There is discharge from the ear, pus or lesions inside the ear;
  • Strong smelly odor coming from the ear;
  • An excessive amount of wax is being produced.

If you notice any of these types of changes in dog ear wax, you should take a closer look at your dog’s ears and determine if there is an infection or some other type of issue.

You should regularly clean your dog’s ears with a gentle solution or ear cleaner that you can purchase at any pet supply store.  Always add a few drops into the ear canal and all it to run into the ear canal, then massage the ear over the canal and dab with cotton balls.

It is important to never use qtips or swabs because they tend to push the debris back into the ear and may cause an infection where one is not present.  Allow your dog to shake his head after you have cleaned his ears, because a dog’s ears are very sensitive and any liquid within his ears will be uncomfortable for him.

If you notice ear wax that is lodged within the ear canal, you may offer your dog a chewy dog treat, which will work that wax out with the action of the dog’s jaw.

If your dog is stressed out or anxious, this may also cause an over production of ear wax.  You can use a variety of natural remedies to keep your dog’s ears clean, including olive oil and vitamin E or vinegar.

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  1. i agree with this “You should regularly clean your dog’s ears with a gentle solution” and that is one of my habit in the holiday..

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