Who Will Feed Pets Chocolate This Easter.

As the title says who will feed their pet dog chocolate this Easter break ?

With the pending Easter celebrations / holidays and of course an abundance of chocolate Easter eggs , how many of you will be sitting in front of the TV eating an easter egg ? and more importantly how many times will your dog be given a little bit of chocolate as a treat ?

Many pet owners are unaware chocolate is toxic towards dogs.

Chocolate contains theobromine, which, although tolerated by humans, is extremely toxic to man’s best friend.

The Dogs Trust carried out a recent survey and to be fair the results were quite disturbing.


A shocking new survey* from Dogs Trust has revealed that over 57% of pet dogs have eaten chocolate intended for humans and over 1 in 10 have become ill from it. Of these, 8% have died due to the effects and nearly a quarter have required urgent veterinary treatment.

The above is an extract of the article and survey, visit the dogs trust for the full run down. 

Possibly the best advice dogs with allergies could offer this holiday break would be to spend a little time with our kids and tell them the serious implication that may befall the family dog if to much chocolate were to be consumed.

Being very thourough the Dogs Trust help educate dog owners about the various issues we can expect and the subsequent consequences.

Actual Case Study

Dog owner Anne Esposito from Kettering in Northamptonshire has first hand experience of the consequences:

“A few years ago my beloved King Charles Spaniel Hugo helped himself to the contents of an entire chocolate fountain. We discovered him the next day in a terrible state and rushed him straight to the vets where we were told he had severe chocolate poisoning and there was a strong chance that he would not survive.

Fortunately, after a long stay at the vets Hugo gradually recovered but he has been left with a compromised digestive system. He suffers from ongoing health problems and nearly died recently from an illness due to the lasting damage caused by chocolate poisoning.”



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  1. Foday says:

    my dog also has a lot of food allegories so i cook for him. i got the recepis from this book Dr. Pitcairn’s complete secrets to the natural health of dogs and cats By: Richard H. Pitcairn and Susan Hubble Pitcairn. it helped me a lot. also you might want to by Omega 3 fish oil soft pills and give your dogs one each once a day a half hour before breakfast. its very good for skin and there nails and fur and this is what helped my dog’s itch to go away. hope i helped

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