Dog Skin Irritation.

There are many different causes of dog skin irritation, and pinpointing the exact cause is the best way to deal with it.  It is very uncomfortable for your dog to live with a skin irritation, and so the sooner you can find a solution to this discomfort by pinpointing the cause.

Investigating the cause of dog skin irritation can be very simple, or it may take a great deal of time, it just depends.  Perhaps it is the food that you are feeding your dog.  Many commercially prepared dog foods contain a wide variety of ingredients that are impossible for your dog to digest.  Some of the additives include fillers, food coloring, preservatives and flavoring.

When a dog develops an allergy to any ingredient in this type of food, it can be a direct cause of a rash or irritation.  This is one of the first items you should examine as causation for skin irritation.  Try a raw food or hypoallergenic diet as an alternative and then observe your dog to see if his symptoms improve.

Another cause of dog skin irritation can be a rash or general itchiness due to an allergic reaction.  There are several different types of allergic reactions, including fleas, contact allergies, bacterial allergies and allergies to airborne irritants, such as pollen.

Dogs can suffer from allergic reactions, but the reactions tend to manifest themselves in skin irritation rather than sneezing, runny eyes and nose.

Sometimes the process of elimination can lead you to the cause of your dog’s skin irritation.  Perhaps you recently purchased new bedding for the dog, or you may have washed it in a new detergent.  Sometimes things that your dog is already accustomed to or exposed to long term can suddenly begin to cause irritation to its skin.

This is why it is important to get to the root of the problem in the best way you can, and that is to remove things one by one and observe your dog, to see if his irritation improves or worsens.  Most often, there is a specific reason why your dog’s skin is showing signs of irritation.

This sort of thing does not just happen for no obvious reason, and it is up to you to determine exactly what the cause is.

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