Help For Dogs With Allergies Symptoms.

Is there help for dogs with allergies symptoms?

Yes, there are always things that can be done to reduce the occurrence of these bother some symptoms in your dog.

First off, if you notice your dog is scratching often, shaking his head or tossing his head, and licking and or chewing his paws, then he probably has some type of allergy.

The most important thing of all is to notice that your dog has symptoms of some type of allergy.

Symptoms can be treated, but you need to pinpoint what the source of the symptoms are, because treating the symptoms only provides temporary relief.

It is like putting a band aid on the problem, it will suffice for a short time, but the problem is still there.

There could be several sources of the symptoms that you need to examine when you want to find help for dogs with allergies symptoms.

Start with the very basics, such as the type of bed your dog sleeps on.

What is the bed stuffed with?

Dogs have been known to have allergic reactions to certain types of beds due to the contents they contain.

Some dogs are sensitive to synthetic materials while others can react to natural materials such as cedar chips.

Another possible cause of allergies could be a shampoo if you bathe your dog at home.

Dogs don’t need anything that is scented, just a basic medicated dog shampoo with very few additives is good.  Some people think that washing their dog with dish soap is a good idea; however, this can be a very harsh soap and can irritate your  dog’s skin.

Help for dogs with allergies symptoms might be as simple as choosing a soap that is hypo allergenic.

Many dogs are highly allergic to fleas, sometimes it only takes one or two bites to irritate the dog’s skin and cause allergy symptoms.

Other dogs are not so bothered by fleas, but once your dog has fleas, it can lead to other problems, such as worms, so it is important to either prevent or treat the problem if you notice that there is one.

One of the most basic things to examine when it comes to dogs with allergies symptoms is to have a look at the food that your dog is eating.  Dogs are generally carnivores and the things that are added to commercial dog foods are mostly for bulk and filler.

The kinds of things added for bulk include corn meal and wheat products.

Dogs were not meant to digest these kinds of carbohydrates and they tend to irritate the dog’s stomach and intestines.  Once this occurs, then allergy symptoms can start to manifest themselves.

Try shopping at a pet food store, not a supermarket.

Inquire about foods that are made especially for dogs with allergies symptoms, that do not have a bunch of additives and are mostly natural.

You may want to try raw foods or whole foods, or even recipes that you can cook yourself at home for your dog.

All these ideas provide options and help for dogs with allergies symptoms.

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3 Responses to “Help For Dogs With Allergies Symptoms.”

  1. Billy says:

    I tried all these things before because my dog has allergies and none of it helped him. I have anti-itch cream, anti-itch spray and shampoo. I switched his food to be grain free and I give him allergy pills but he still itches all the time and he has started coughing as well. Is this a allergy as well or is this something more serious? I can’t afford a vet bill so I hope not.

  2. Paula says:

    I never realized how suseptile dogs can be to skin allergies until my friend s little toy dog picked up what seems to be a skin fungus which made the dog lick its paw to the point where she licked her paw in what is called hot spot until the skin became very tender. I felt so bad for her dog. So I went searching for natural cures to the disease. I hope at least one of these products work.

  3. Michael says:

    According to another article I was reading on this very subject it is ok to give your dog Benadryl for their allergies. According to this article it is best to ask what dosage you should give them from your vet but typically it is 1 mg. per 1 pound so a 10 pound dog would get 10 mg. I know I am going to try it with my dog because he is constantly itching.

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