Best Diet for Dogs with Allergies.

What do people consider the best diet for dogs with allergies?

Dogs with allergies are often caused a great deal of undue suffering with the food that they are fed each day.

This is because diet can be the largest part of allergic reactions.

Licking of the paws, shaking of the head, excessive scratching.  It might look to you like your dog is chasing fleas down; however, these are all definite signs of a dog food allergy.

So what is the best diet for dogs with allergies?

Store bought dog food is one of the worst types of food that you can buy and feed to your dog.  This “food” is manufactured with profit in mind, not nutrition.  This means that much of what goes into the food has very little good effect on your dog’s health.

Dog food purchased from a store contains ingredients such as: corn husks or corn by products, wheat castings, soy protein (un-digestible by dogs) and lots of preservatives.

What is the effect of corn b products?

They have no value in nutrition and are simply used to bulk the food, as are wheat casings.

Certain preservatives contained in dog food are known carcinogens.

Basically, you are feeding your dog a diet that is promoting disease and cancer.  For those who have their doubts, count how many bowel movements your dog has in a day.  The less and the smaller they are, the better.

Of course, if you are feeding your dog supermarket dog food, he is likely having three to four bowel movements daily.  Not much fun when you live in the city and have to clean up after your dog often.

The best diet for dogs with allergies is one that you create.

You can easily prepare meals from home for your dog, by preparing a few simple ingredients ahead of time and then combining them together to create a meal for your dog when it is time to feed him.

Ingredients including chicken giblets (heart, gizzard, liver) and cooked rice along with a dash of garlic powder for flea control and cooked vegetables all combined can be a great way to give your dog a great meal.

This is a significant step in providing your pet the best diet for dogs with allergies.

In addition to cooking your own diet for dogs with allergies, there are certain supplements you will need to add into the food that you cook such as essential fatty acids.

While it may sound expensive to purchase and prepare a home cooked diet for dogs with allergies, it is much more cost effective in the long run.

Treating severe allergic reactions or having to put your dog on steroids or other treatments because of allergic reactions can be very expensive.  The frequent veterinarian check ups can also become very costly, and this is certainly not something that most of us can really afford.

Many grocery stores or local meat markets can sell you bulk items such as chicken giblets at a much lower cost than human grade cuts of meat.  Many of these organ meats contain a great deal of concentrated nutritional value, much more than what is contained in the actual meat.

Shop around for the best deals and when you find a good source, you can purchase in bulk and freeze the supplies in preparation for when you are ready to create your next batch of dog food.

A thought out diet for dogs with allergies can provide simple but significant relief.

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