Best Dry Dog Food for Dogs with Allergies.

You may be interested to know more about the best dry dog food for dogs with allergies, especially when your dog has specific sensitivities or issues.

You may notice some of these things occurring with your dog:

  •  Excessive head shaking;
  • Itchy all over – scratching often and aggressively;
  • Chewing on feet or paws;
  • Hot spots – open sores or patches where there is no hair;

Any of these symptoms or a combination of them can mean that your dog has allergies.  It is a fact that most often, allergies are a direct result of the food that you are giving to your dog.

Some of the best dry dog food for dogs with allergies are sold by professionals, such as veterinarians.

These foods are generally specially formulated for various doggie type ailments.  The main and largest drawback with respect to these foods is that they can be very costly.

You may get a couple of weeks of feedings from a smaller bag that can cost as much as or even more than a large bag of supermarket style dry dog food that can feed your dog for several months.

Of course, many of us are on a tight budget and cannot afford the best dry dog food for dogs with allergies that is sold by the local veterinarian office.

Another option is to shop at a pet food store.  This is to say a store that specifically sells pet food as opposed to pets and supplies.  You may even look into a local market or store that carries feeds for livestock, they sometimes sell really good quality dog food as well.

The best dry dog food for dogs with allergies is the one that is effective with your particular dog.

Different dogs react differently to different ingredients.  If you are not sure about what your dog is specifically sensitive to, you may wish to have some allergy testing done on your pet.

Your local veterinarian can conduct these tests for you with either skin patch tests or blood work.

While you may think this sounds expensive, in the long run you will be saving money by not feeding your dog foods with ingredients that can cause health issues and shorten their lives by years.

When your dog becomes sick as a result of what you are feeding him, the only way you will probably think of handling it is with a trip to the veterinarian’s office.  Most of us would not consider the fact that the food is the thing that is causing all of the problems.

When you are looking for the best dry food for dogs with allergies, be certain that you understand what ingredients you are trying to avoid.

Ask for advice from the vendor about thier best dry dog food for dogs with allergies and they will certainly assist you in seeking out a food that your dog will be able to consume without any reaction or discomfort.

Feeding your dog a good quality food or the best dry dog food for dogs with allergies will cost you a bit more money, but it will save you money when you think of avoiding all of the allergic reactions to a mainstream food.

Best dry dog food for dogs with allergies is only one of many things that can contribute to our dogs health and well being.


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5 Responses to “Best Dry Dog Food for Dogs with Allergies.”

  1. Annie says:

    My poor dog has allergies and he is somewhere around 13 years old so I can tell he is miserable, it affects his ears and everything. I feel so sorry for him and we have changed dry and canned food on him a few times now to try and get something that would help him but we have had no luck. I was considering making my own dog food for him out of ground turkey, scrambled eggs and rice, what do you think would there be anything in that mixture that would continue to aggravate his allergy? Thank you for making this post and giving us the information on dry dog food, you are right a lot of us can’t afford the stuff from the vet so we do with what we have.

  2. Steven Paris says:

    I have always been a dog lover and owned numerous dogs throughout my life. The day I realized that the food that I was feeding them was only contributing (and even the very root cause) of allergies, was the day I smartened up and made some drastic changes.

    I came across this Website trying to find out more about what types of foods are available. Thanks for the insightful article, I was able to pick up a few tips to help guide me in making the best decision for the health and well-being of my dogs.

  3. Steve B says:

    Excellent information, much of which I’ve never thought of before. I especially liked your point here “you will be saving money by not feeding your dog foods with ingredients that can cause health issues and shorten their lives by years”.

    To me this speaks volumes! A vet bill for anything serious can easily be hundreds of dollars, and sometimes even thousands!! What a great way to look at things, thank you very much.

  4. Brilliant article – thanks for the suggestions. My daughter has a West Highland White Terrier – and they are known for problems with allergies. The poor little guy, now aged about 3, really suffers with it. He chews his paws constantly, scratches, and shakes his head with the irrititation in his ears – it is distressing. We have tried all kinds of things – steroid injections, ear drops, food-safe lotions (because of course, they get licked off), but your article has prompted me to suggest that we look at his diet again.
    Meanwhile, one thing that does provide fast relief and that I would recommend to anyone with a dog in a similar situation, is an antihistamine. You can give dogs human antihistamine tablets at a reduced dose and this will help get them through a bad attack.

  5. Ilda says:

    I was reading where you can make your own dog food if your dog has allergies but it was talking about the wet dog food. Are there recipes for dry dog food out there as well? I would really like to see some of those and exactly how you would do that. My dog has allergies and I think I am going to have to limit the ingredients in his food so I am going to make it myself. If there are such recipes please make another post regarding them. Thank you for all the information you included.

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