Dog Food For Allergies.

Dogs can develop allergies to many things, including fleas, things they come into contact with, such as bedding or a flea collar or your living room carpet.  It is when they develop an allergy to the food that you feed to them that life can become really miserable for your dog.

You may notice that your dog is overly itchy or his skin is irritated.  He may even have “hot spots” which are sores that ooze and may become infected.  Soon, your dog will develop a plethora of health issues if you do not deal with the issue at hand as soon as possible, and that is the poor diet that you are feeding to your dog.  So what is contained in dog food for allergies?

The question here, really is what is not contained in dog food for allergies.  The reality is that commercially prepared dog foods contain a lot of ingredients that you may not be able to identify by reading the label.  If you knew the truth behind what some of these ingredients actually are or what they are derived from you would be shocked and horrified.

A lot of the ingredients in dog foods are scraps and by products which are basically “parts” such as the beaks and legs and bones of chickens or other animals.  These by products are what is not used by meat plants for human consumption.  Sometimes, animals are specifically butchered for dog food production, like elderly horses.

We could really get into the gory details here, but we will spare you those.  The truth is that in searching for a dog food for allergies, you should search for a food that is hypo allergenic and contains less “filler”.  If a food starts off with a corn by product or rice or some other grain, it is likely to cause an allergic reaction in your dog.

Other options include making your own food at home with ingredients that you purchase from a local store, or purchasing an organic dog food.  If you choose to make your own dog food, you should make sure you get some good recipes to ensure that you are including all of the foods your dog requires to obtain the necessary nutrition from his food.

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