Dry Dog Food.

As you likely already know, commercially prepared dry dog food is not the best nutritional solution for your dog.

Commercial dry dog food contains many ingredients that most people cannot identify or even pronounce.

In addition to that, when you examine the list of ingredients, you will probably notice that one of the first or main ingredients is “filler”, such as corn, millet, rice… none of these are things that a dog, mainly as a meat eater, particularly needs or derives any nutrition from.

If you must purchase commercially prepared dry dog food, when you read the ingredients on the package, choose one that has a meat ingredient listed first.

Ingredients are listed in order of amount, and so it stands to reason that the first ingredient listed is the one that there is the most of within that particular food.

Foods that contain a higher content of grain products tend to cause allergies in dogs because they are not easily digested.

Less expensive dog foods contain much more animal “by products” and fillers and far less meat than ones that are more expensive.  Sometimes, soy products are used to boost the protein content within these foods, and soy is not easily digested by dogs.

Dogs are omnivores, and so it stands to reason that choosing a dog food that contains more meat than carbohydrates or fillers is a better choice.

If you find that your dog is very sensitive to commercially prepared dog food, you may decide to purchase hypoallergenic dog food or specially formulated dog food from your local veterinarian.

There is no need to resort to canned dog food.  Canned dog food is prepared with grain gluten and protein gel and are generally much higher in fat.  Add to that the fact that they tend to make a dog gassy and it makes for a super bad combination.

It is no wonder that many dogs develop skin irritations, rashes and allergies to the very food that they are fed when you start to investigate what exactly goes into these foods as far as additives, preservatives, fillers, and “by products”.

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