Wellness Dog Food.

If your dog is exhibiting an intolerance to the food that you are currently feeding him, such as being overly itchy, scratching often and having dry skin, it may be time to look for an alternate food.  The main issue with store bought dog foods is that they contain a lot of fillers and ingredients that are not easily digested by dogs.  In fact, many of these very ingredients can cause your dog to become very ill.

Wellness Dog Food is a good alternative to the regular fare you have been feeding your dog with.  One variety of Wellness Dog Food known as “Simple Food Solutions Formulas” contains five main ingredients which are guaranteed to be quality as well as nutritional.  Those ingredients are:

  • Canola Oil – this oil is a rich source of Omega 3 fatty acids which keep your dog’s coat and skin healthy;
  • Ground Rice – the outer layer of the rice is removed, making it highly digestible, which eliminates upset stomach, vomiting and diarrhea;
  • Minerals, vitamins – contains a large variety of the nutritional needs of your dog;
  • Salmon, duck or lamb – these pure proteins are of the best and highest quality;
  • Tomato pomace – a very good source of fiber and rich in antioxidants.

The quality of Wellness Dog Food has been carefully formulated to ensure that it meets all of your dog’s nutritional requirements.  There are no “fillers” or additives that can compromise your dog’s health.

When you have been wondering why your dog continues to scratch and you cannot find any fleas or any other obvious signs pointing to the reasons why, then you can probably deduct that the reason is the food you are feeding your dog.  When you come to this realization, it is time to get down to basics and go with a food that has none of the chemicals and additives that are found in common store bought dog foods.

There are so many additives in commercial dog foods (Google It) and you will be surprised what this food may contain.  It is no wonder that we are making our pets ill with this kind of food.

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